Hat Body Colors: White, Gray, Black, Beige, Green, Lilac


Scarf color/print: Animal print (white, beige, black, Gray hats), Black/white (Black, white hats) , Gray/red (Gray hats), Navy/white (white hats), Blue/Green (Beige, Black, Green hats), Shades of Brown (Beige hat), Caramel (Beige hat), Red/Black/White (white, black hats), Brown Polka dot (Beige hats), Black Polka dot (Black hats), Blue/Black (Black hat), Pastel Summer Colors (white hats), Orange/White/pistachio (Green hat), Lavender/Pistachio/white (Lilac hat), Black/Gray/White/Red (Black or Gray hat),  Purple/lavender/pink (Lilac hat), Orange/Gray (Gray hat), Plain Aqua blue (White, beige hats),  Plain Orange (Gray, Orange, Beige hat), Plain beige (White, Beige hat), Plain hot pink(beige hat),



This hat has been designed with sun protection and wind in mind.  It is versatility makes it a great hat to have for most occasions.  The Boater's hat can be worn with the brim up or brim down for more sun protection. The hat can also be worn with different colors of scarves to match your outfit.  The scarf can be wrapped twice around and tide on the side for one look, tied in the back for a second look or pulled down through one of the side holes and wrapped around the neck and tied behind your neck for a third look.  Tying the scarf under the chin and around also is useful to keep the hat on when walking on a windy day.  Natural material has been used in the hat, to make it both environmental friendly and as non-allergen as possible.  The hat fits most and has adjustability inside the crown.  


* 100% braided paper

* Crown Size: 57.5 cm

* Internal adjustability ribbon to help fit smaller head

* For Travel, stuff inside the cap with clothing articles before packing in a suitcase

* The scarves are mostly silk and some satin.

* Spot Clean only


Keywords: Boater's hat, wide brim hat, straw hat

Boater's Hat

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